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Personal Brand Development Program

I am inspired by the opportunity to help people succeed in business and career. My clients always have a lot of ideas that can make them more efficient at work, as well as when building their own business. I turn people into brands, helping entrepreneurs and professionals use their unique qualities that distinguish them from competitors.

Based on my many years of experience in Fashion industry and marketing, I developed the Personal Brand Development Program, which consists of ten extremely important steps. At the beginning, together with the client, we determine why he needs a personal brand, what unique qualities and skills he has, what value he wants to bring to people and why it is important for him.

Then we clearly define the target audience, that is, those people who can get the most benefit from the client’s offer. We focus on the uniqueness of the product, build and strengthen expertise and trust. And only by clearly answering all these questions, we resolutely turn to the formation of strategy, brand communication and budgeting. For this I use the most advanced marketing technologies.

Nadya Andre

Who might be interested?

Couches, consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners and managers (especially in service industries), experts, creative people, and to everyone willing to become independent  industry players.